Celebrating OUR Young Entrepreneur of the Month.


Dear Readers,

Welcome to May’s Edition of COYETM, celebrating young, hardworking, dedicated, enterprising and talented people. We go out there seeking these young stars in order to publish them to the world so everyone of our readers can get inspired by their hard work, ideas, and talent. Let their interviews, inspiring stories and achievements drive, push and motivate you to be whoever you want to be regardless of who you think you are. Continuing the 2017 series, May’s Edition of COYETM will be featuring a young, handsome, hardworking and talented man, Tobi Bakre, CEO TOBI BAKRE’S PHOTOGRAPHY. Olaitan987’s interview with him goes thus; Enjoy!!!…



Tell us basic information about Yourself and TobiBakre’s Photography: My name is Tobi Bakre. I am a Banker/Photographer, born and bred in Lagos but my state of origin is Ogun State. I come from a family of 4 kids and I am the last of them.TobiBakre’s Photography is less than a year old now. We incorporate a very diverse style of photography, from weddings to portraiture to landscape. There is a flair for all genres of photography, but with time, we look to specialize in mainly portraiture and weddings.


What inspired You to start Photographing?: All my friends know I take amazing photos, from the days of just using my Blackberry or Nokia till I actually got my first camera in March 2016.  I always wanted to study creative arts as I tend to be more natural and gifted in the creative side of life, but at the time, by influence of parents and mentors, I opted for a degree in Finance. I have no regrets. Now as an adult, I have the experience and knowledge of finance and I can also build and develop my creative skills. So after working in a bank for a few years, I figured I needed to get back on that side of life that made work feel a lot more like play, to do something I naturally enjoyed and then I thought photography to be the best way to go about that.


What are the basic essentials of photographing and what does one need to know about professional photography?: To me, Photography in itself is more like the study of light and the visual effect on subjects, being creative by having a picture in your head and knowing how to create that picture or image. Sometimes, it’s just coming across a moment, a split second and recognizing how beautiful it is and making it permanent by capturing it. It entails a whole lot of things but to summarize it, I would say it is the understanding of light and subjects.


Essentials for professional photographing includes owning and mastering your gadgets and cameras. Then you have to build enough experience and a level of clientele and channels or medias to put out your work. Most of all will be to develop your own style of photography. People should see a picture and be able to relate it to you even before they are sure you took the picture.


What kind of photography do You specialize in?: I engage in different types as I am a lover for beautiful pictures, be it landscape or portraits or events. For now I am engaged in wedding photography, but have more flair for portraiture and fashion photography. I am just a year in and it’s still early to focus on just one or two genres. Right now, I am still touring the world of photography, the universe will know when I eventually settle down.



What kind of stories do You think Your pictures tell?: Well, every picture tells its own different story. I like to show emotion and movement in my pictures and giving in-depth detail or no detail at all.


Any highs and lows in photography?: The high for me is being able to have my work appreciated by people. I go to places and receive calls because people want me to take their pictures. Funny how I am still at my lows as I am not being paid millions yet for my work and I am probably still my biggest fan. So till I get paid more and my work is appreciated on even bigger platforms, then I can talk more about real highs.


Do You see Yourself as a competition in the industry or You are just here to do Your thing?: Of course, less than a year in and I keep dropping dope pictures back to back. I would take all the local clients eventually, just watch.



Are there any challenges faced by a photographer? What are Your challenges and how do you overcome them?: There are a lot actually but to mention a few-:

  • Raising finances to afford the equipment we need to achieve the photographs we want;
  • Photos from photographers are used without their permission and they aren’t given due credit;
  • Nigerians don’t like paying photographers. They believe they can take dope pictures with their iPhone(s) and just edit it.

I can go on and on but i would leave it at these for now.


Have You ever felt like giving up? What motivates and keeps You going?: I would never feel like giving up. Even if I don’t get paid, I would keep making dope images.


What advice on how to achieve one’s goals can You give to people out there willing to start on their own?: Invest in Yourself, study, go out there and take pictures. keep going till YOU get better and DON’T take people’s opinions about Your work to the heart. Learn and move on.


For more details, I can be contacted on :

Thank You.

Thank You too Tobi and to our readers, I also thank You and implore that YOU stay tuned, keep reading pleasurably, keep getting motivated and inspired from our POSTS and continue to stay blessed.

(C)OLAITAN987. This has been a publication of zainabolaitan.com. All Rights Reserved.2017. You can email us: olaitan987@gmail.com or call +2348098791191, Facebook: Olaitan Zainab Sulaimon, Twitter:@zaitan987, @olaitan987.Instagram: Layeetan1. Locations of some of the shots taken includeAll pictures are exclusive to TobiBakre’s Photography(c).


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