The Drunk And The Girl With Blond Hair…

He stumbles out of the door and throws up in the gutter. He
walks down the street making his way home and the
memories of the old days spring to his mind. He’s a small
chap with a flat cap, brown jacket, a blue shirt and a pair of
brown trousers. He seems lost now; all these memories of
the old times just make him feel alone. He’s a drunk, and
even on his way home, he feels lost.
He stumbles to the crossing, getting more tired, feeling more
lonely and he sees her running: a small girl in a pink dress,
running across the road, her tied up blonde hair blowing in
the wind. Her mother, a short lady with a blue handbag
running behind her, her arm reaching out to save her but
finding no luck.
The drunk sees the girl and without a second, a burst of
energy rushes through his body and he runs out into the
road. All the memories are now forgotten and the drunken
state disappears into the wind. He grabs the girl under his
arm and brings her to the walk path and the little girl’s
mother thanks the man.
But then, she looks at him in disgust.
“Stay away from of us, you drunk!” The woman says and
before the drunk could say a word she picks up her
daughter and walks away. The drunk just carries on walking,
and all memories from the old days come back to his head
and the drunken state returns and he staggers off home. He
knows he’ll forget he just possibly saved a child’s life, and he
knows the woman will just remember a drunk picking up her
daughter. But he doesn’t care; he feels lost and forgotten
and he knows he’ll die in his bed and not some soul would
there be in the outside world caring.
Sobur Adedokun
© 2015.

(C)Olaitan987. This has been a Publication of All Rights Reserved. 2017.

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