The Tape…

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The Tape.

My life and tales are recorded in one gargantuan tape,
Our goals and roles are viewed by the Unknown,
We are actors and actresses in this tape,
As artists, we don’t get paid,
And at times we act unseen scenes,
Scenes we can’t account for,
Yet we say we are artists.

Our producer did a good job by combining many characters in a single tape,
Robbers, Heroes, Warriors, Presidents, Beggars- are all in this tape,
And so they are artists in this play,
The demise of an artist is not the end of the play,
It only means the end of scripts for the deceased artist.

The enormous tape never ends,
It goes on and on,
And only ends when the Player press the stop button.

20170330170643        20170330170222

(C)2010.Abudu Saheed Olumide. This has been a publication of All Rights Reserved.2017.

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